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Whether it's installation, troubleshooting, or just advice on how to get the most from Bazzaz products, we have technicians who are here to help guide you.

(M-F 7-4pm Pacific time) Select option 2 for tech support.

Or use our e-mail and after hours support below

The Big Three: Before contacting support, double check these three common culprits:

1. The Bazzaz ground lug is properly secured to a non-insulating chassis ground. Test this by temporarily grounding the Bazzaz ground lug directly to the battery negative terminal and checking to see if this resolves the issue.

2. The vehicle has fuel and there are no obstructions (such as a fuel line kink) that could affect fuel delivery

3. The Bazzaz control unit powers up. Turn the key on and the control unit should illuminate blue. If it does not, re-check the 12V power source connection

E-mail and After Hours Support

Engine Management Products

BAZZAZ Engine Management products are now sold exclusively through YFI Racing. If you would like to purchase this product please click the link below to be redirected to their website.

YFI Racing

Engine Management Product Sales

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