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The Smartest Performance Tuning Technology

Bazzaz takes great pride in creating fun, easy to use, highly effective engine control electronics.

Bazzaz was started in 2003 out of a clear need for expertise in the area of engine management and electronics for the top tier of professional motorcycle racing. After working as a race engineer at Yoshimura R&D for six years and helping Mat Mladin bring home his first 3 AMA Superbike championships, Ammar Bazzaz decided to start Bazzaz, Inc. in an effort to fill this need in the racing market. The goal is to bring high level technology and knowledge to all levels of racers and motorcycle enthusiasts.

Entering the high profile AMA Superbike scene in 1997, at the same time as Electronic Fuel Injection, Ammar Bazzaz has been instrumental in its implementation, tuning, and application for over 10 years.

From humble beginnings in the garage of his home, he quickly expanded the company to release a complete line of products using his exclusive engineering and design capabilities for the design and manufacturing of engine management electronics for the motorcycle racing industry. Completing its second expansion in the last three years, Bazzaz now operates out of an 8,500 sq. ft facility in Chino Hills, CA housing both R&D and manufacturing operations.  Bazzaz has been designing and tuning high performance engine management products for the top tier of motorcycle racing since its inception.

Now with worldwide distribution partners, Bazzaz is committed to bringing this high tech world of exclusive electronics down to performance riders around the globe.  The new Z-Fi line of products from Bazzaz offers innovative, state of the art engine management technology that is easy to use with an affordable price.  Bazzaz is upping the ante on what a rider should expect from aftermarket engine management electronics. Never before has technology at this level been offered to the general public.

In addition to designing and bringing race proven fuel control and engine management technology to the mainstream market for sportbikes, motocross and ATVs, Bazzaz works with and proudly sponsors Michael Jordan Motorsports, National Guard Suzuki, Vesrah Suzuki, and M4 Suzuki.

Bazzaz recently launched its new line of modernized, easy to use Bazzaz Principia line of dynamometers ('dyno') in 2012.


Tech Gadget of the Year 2012
Bazzaz S125LC Principia Motorcycle Dyno
Super Street Bike

Tuner of the Year 1999, 2000
Ammar Bazzaz
American Motorcycle Association

Spirit of the Entrepreneur Award 2010
Ammar Bazzaz
University of California, San Bernardino

Best New Product
Bazzaz Z-Fi TC™
Powersports Business

Editor Choice Award
Bazzaz Z-Fi TC™
Powersports Business

Editor Choice Award
Powersports Business

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