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Target Audience

Tuners, dealers, racers, track day riders or anyone interested in learning how to tune a Bazzaz Z-Fi equipped motorcycle with the Bazzaz software. Can be introductory or advanced level.

Course Description

1-Hour live, interactive, instructional webinar discussing how to use all the features of the Bazzaz Z-Fi software. Includes some sharing of proven tips and techniques to help the user get the most out of the fuel management, quick shift, and traction control. Open Q&A will be available as appropriate.

Instructor: Francois de Martini

Limited to the first 15 people to sign up

Requirements: None. Speakers and microphone is suggested.

Fee: None

Course Outline:

1. Overview

2. Fuel map

a. Reading and evaluating a fuel map

b. Selecting specific cells to change or smooth

c. Fuel trim per gear/cylinder

d. Exporting and importing fuel maps

e. Smoothing and other features

3. Quick Shift

a. When and how to adjust QS

4. Traction Control

a. Differences and purpose of sensitivity versus cut level

b. Trim switch

c. Adjustments per gear

d. TC mapping; finding your best settings

5. Diagnostic

a. Features

b. Calibrating TPS

c. Calibrating gear

6. Self Mapping

a. Explanation of open-loop data logging

b. When and how to apply data

To our customers and dealers,

The Bazzaz team would like to thank you for the many years of support and loyalty to our products.

As of 1/1/22 Bazzaz will no longer offer support for the Bazzaz engine management line (Z-Fi, Z-Fi TC, QS4, ZAFM).

Although YFI racing will not be offering technical support for Bazzaz products except for customers who purchased directly from YFI Racing, many QS4 kits, accessories, and spare parts will be available through them.

You can also contact YFI Racing at if you do not find what you are looking for on their site.

The Bazzaz website will remain to offer customers access to installation instructions, fuel map database, and technical support documents. The technical support documents utilize the same diagnosis steps that the Bazzaz technical support team has worked from since the beginning so they should be very helpful.

The Big Three: double-check these three common culprits:

  1. The Bazzaz ground lug is properly secured to a non-insulating chassis ground. Test this by temporarily grounding the Bazzaz ground lug directly to the battery negative terminal and checking to see if this resolves the issue.
  2. The vehicle has fuel and there are no obstructions (such as a fuel line kink) that could affect fuel delivery.
  3. The Bazzaz control unit powers up. Turn the key on and the control unit should illuminate blue. If it does not, re-check the 12V power source connection

Bazzaz tuning software and software manual

Principia dyno software and software manual

Fuel map database

Engine management wire color guide

Not starting or running properly

Quick shifter troubleshooting

Software troubleshooting

Traction control settings

Traction control troubleshooting

ZAFM troubleshooting

ZAFM O2 sensor installation

Z Bomb integration

Best regards,
Bazzaz team

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