Advanced made easy.

Introducing the most intuitive tuning platform ever.

The goal: make high levels of race technology available and easy to use for all.
With the release of our latest Z-Mapper software we've done just that.

Software Downloads

The new version is now available

Take it for a test ride. Simply download the software and select 'use disconnected'. You can even load a fuel map for your bike to get a feel for how it works.

New Software Features

  • Color-coded fuel map cells to indicate lean/rich fuel areas
  • Easily readable input and function
  • Operating point crosshairs and map-aligned throttle/RPM guages
  • Full support for over 15 languages including non-Latin script
  • Automatic update prompt
  • Default traction control maps with color-coded sensitivity map
  • A responsive, attractive layout with eye-friendly color scheme and layout
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