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Better, Faster, Easier.

Bazzaz is the smartest performance tuning technology.
They say a good tuner is only as good as his tools. And we create powerful tools.
In doing so, we enhance the experience and interaction with your machine to create a more enjoyable tuning and riding experience.

EMS - Construction

  • Heat, vibration, and weather proof potting material used to protect the electronic control unit
  • OEM connections wherever possible as opposed to cheap and unreliable T-Taps used by many others
  • Rugged, locking main connector; no stripping or splicing wires
  • Sturdy and precise shift sensor
  • 100% Quality Inspections, unlike most manufacturers, at Bazzaz we test every single component of the systems we build for you. We test every harness, every control unit, every switch...It is a lot of extra work but we know you expect nothing but the ultimate in quality. In the highest levels of racing, failures in parts are not acceptable. We back this up with a one year warranty.
Principia - Construction
EMS - Traction Control
Principia - Electronics
Principia - Software
Principia - Data Processing
EMS - Quick Shift
EMS - Fuel Control
EMS - Self Fuel Mapping
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