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Principia Dynamometer

Data Processing

All data is physically measured, not interpolated

  • Critically important for proper tuning
  • True engine rpm data allows for consistent results

Intelligent Ignition Pick Up System

  • One clip connection
  • Critical for proper HP readings
  • Far more consistent
  • Allows quick power runs from rear wheel, if desired

Chrome On Glass Encoder

  • Allows static testing at lower engine RPM
  • Most accurate and reliable method available

Dynamic PID data

  • Learns from the first hold point

Capable of multiple testing methods

  • Linear, Step, or Speed Squared (for wind drag simulation)
  • User-defined step testing with no 'hunting' for signal
  • Compare 3 charts at once incorporating numerous properties

Quickest data

  • Far quicker data than any other dynamometer on the market
  • Logs every 10 ms, monitoring forty different channels

Superior Electronics

Fiber Optic USB

  • 10X more data in a cleaner, modern connection (compared to serial port)
  • Connections up to 65ft; far longer than serial

Isolated Electronics

  • Computer and dyno are optically isolated
  • Electronics rarely malfunction but are easily-removable

Smarter Software

Intuitive software with on-screen guide

  • Easy for novice operators to get optimal results; reduces training time
  • No more hunting through difficult instruction manuals
  • Selecting files is easy with property previews
  • Increase rate of return by tuning in a fraction of the time
  • Incorporate with Z-AFM air / fuel mapper for quick, easy, and precise tuning

Frequent updates and releases

  • Reliable software - no frequent crashing
  • Always improving, always free

Premium Construction

Superior Quality Build

  • Far superior to anything available in the US
  • Very little maintenance
  • Physical calibration of all drivetrain components

Chrome On Glass Encoder

  • Allows static testing at lower engine RPM
  • Most accurate and reliable method available

Overrated bearings

  • SFK bearings are 3-4X overrated for dynamometer application
  • Expected to last the lifetime of the dyno
  • No constant greasing required (only once in 5 years)

Options available

  • Many upgradable options available including 150mph automatic Ram Air Simulation
  • Freedom to purchase upgrades, including eddy brake, whenever desired