Ram Air Simulation Fan

Replicates the air velocity and air box intake pressures in a fully closed loop system for any speed or gear. Also acts as a cooling system with water temperature sensor. Produces air speeds up to 170mph (150mph outside the U.S.; speeds dependent on power supply and may vary). $7770.84


Gas Assisted Loading Ramp

80cm wide ramp allows for easy and safe loading with a hydraulic gas strut and inbuilt handles for easy one-handed operation. The ramp in its upward position acts as a chain and stone guard.

Included with package offer



4 Channel Type ‘K’ Thermocouple Unit

Connects up to 4 type K thermocouples for temperature measurements. Measures between 0 and 1250 degrees Celsius using industry-standard thermocouples. All data can be overlaid on dyno graph. Maximum of 3 thermocouple interface units can be connected to the dynamometer, giving 12 temperature channels.

Auto Climate Monitor

Saves the routine of manually inputting climate conditions. This unit will automatically display temperature, pressure, humidity, and relative air density on screen.


Included in package offer


Wideband Digital Gas Analyser

Displays all air/fuel data real-time or plotted against power, torque, RPM, etc. Comes with a high-quality vacuum pump, filters and ‘sniffers’. Can be mounted in the side panel dynamometer or left free-standing. Analysers are available as single, dual, or quad channel.

Single Channel$2739.72
Duel Channel $4682.43
Quad Channel $8169.35

Single channel included with package offer



Vehicle Cooling Fans

Engine cooling is essential for fuel or ignition re-mapping. Bazzaz Pricipia™ dynamometers offers high-volume (80mph, 3500 m3/hr each), high static pressure cooling fans. Polarizing air diffuser produces a highly-directional laminar air flow directly into the radiator of the vehicle. Mounted with 4-point movable and locking joints. Note: Max supply current with twin fans is 32 Amps.

Included in package offer.

Eddy Brake Upgrade

Upgrade to a full Load Controlled (LC) dynamometer. LC enables a vast range of tests with minimal effort. Wind drag, sweep/step testing, and constant loading.

Included with all Load Control models.

Exhaust Extraction Kit

A key factor for any dynamometer installation to be successful is efficient exhaust extraction. Without this, consistent results will be difficult. CO2 levels could threaten the health and life of technicians.

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